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Hofstra is located on Hempstead Turnpike, near exit M4 of the Meadowbrook Parkway, accessible from the Northern State, Southern State Parkways and the Long Island Expressway. For excellent detailed directions see this link for maps,etc. :http://www.hofstra.edu/visitors/visitors_info_dirmaps.html

The building location may be found on the printable map found at the directions link, the student center is number 31 on that map. Enter the student center from the north side. This insures easy access to the parking lots.

Brief driving directions for those who do not wish to look at maps: Exit the Meadowbrook Parkway at M4 west onto Hempstead Turnpike. Take the right turn at the third (3rd) traffic light onto the campus just before the second pedestrian overpass. The building is at the north end of this overpass. If you are unloading turn left at the first stop sign and pull up at the curb at the far end of the lot for unloading purposes only. The building is just a few steps away from the curb loading zone just past the clock. If you are not unloading please skip the left turn and continue to the second stop sign. Parking can be found to the left (towards the show building) and to the right.

If arriving by Long Island Railroad: 

A free hofstra bus will take you to the show (tell the driver the north side of the student center). The bus meets every train but takes a bit of time to meander to the show. Taxis are available for the less than ten minute ride from the Hempstead train station

All Island Taxi Service (516) 481-1111

Pub Taxi Service (516) 483-4433

Hempstead Taxi (516) 489-4460

Also Public Bus is available from the Transit Center accross the street from the Hempstead station: Take N70/71/72 for a short ride to California Avenue. Walk back to the people walk and cross Hempstead Turnpike. The show is at the end of the people span, just walk toward the exit doors and turn left before exiting.

For the Mineola Station: Taxi no. (516) 746-2500

For the Garden City Station: Taxi no. (516) 746-1542