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Playing with your letters:

a workshop guide to correspondence
and having fun writing by Michael Kovac


Workshop is one hour long, size is limited only
by physics. Bring a pen that writes well for you and the mailing address of
someone you'd like to send a postcard to.

Sunday from 1:00 p.m.


Richard Binder Note: Richard Binder will be attending the 2017 Long Island Pen Show. Linda Kennedy of the Indy-Pen-Dance will also be grinding and adjusting nibs as well as taking repairs with Mike Kennedy. Linda has been trained by Richard Binder who fully endorses her work. Also Jim Baer of Monomoy Pens will also be working on nibs. Jim has worked with Richard for many years.  

See Richard in this Video visit to Richard's Pen Spa

Richard Binder will be set up throughout the show to diagnose and correct nib ailments (including smoothing, adjusting flow, and repairing damaged nibs) and to customize nibs on your vintage or modern pens.  Richard is well known for the smoothness and usability of his reground italics, stub italics, and other specialty shapes. If you have never had Richard work on your pens at a show, we recommend reading his Table Talk FAQ before coming to the show

Jim Baer of Monomoy Pens and Mike Kennedy of Indy-Pen_Dance will be taking on pen repairs throughout the show, resacing, vacumatic diaphragms, pressure bar replacements, cleaning, and general restoration are a few of the onsite repairs expertly preformed.

Appraisal Booth

Expert appraisers will be available to access the value of your pen.  To assure impartiallity appraisers are not permitted to purchase the items they appraise while staffing the appraisal booth. 

Pens for Kids

We will be giving away free pens (mostly Sheaffer school pens with cartridges)to all children (Pre-teen or younger) who accompany patrons to the Show. Parental consent and a brief using a fountain pen lesson will be required. Also we will be accepting donations of like pens for future giveaways.