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We are very pleased with the growth of the Long Island Pen Show in past years. Buyers and sellers were, by many accounts, very happy with the brisk activity. The numbers of vendors and patrons has substantialy grown and the level of activity at the show at its peak was impressive this year. By noon on Saturday there was only one unclaimed table. This year we introduced the well, received Caligraphy and Handwriting Workhsops adding an addition dimension to the show as well as the Silent Auction. We wish to express our gratitude to our sponsors without whom this growth would not have been possible.


We wish to thank:

Show Sponsors


The Members of the Long Island Pen Club for the hard work and all the help they provided behind the scenes and for their donations to the Silent Auction.




Exaclair Inc. for providing the Rhodia paper and ink samples.


Luxory Brands for providing the Noodler's Ink Sampling Table.